Thursday, February 01, 2007

Patristic Roundup: January 25-31, 2007

Well, here are the offerings for the week that was in Patristics. Enjoy!

New Blog:

An excellent new Apocrypha blog has emerged onto the scene, Forbidden Gospels. It is a good academic, religious studies oriented blog dealing with the Christian apocrypha. Definitely a blog to watch.

Blog entries
Mike Aquilina on the Way of the Fathers features a quote on why Greeks and Jews didn't get alone in antiquity, discusses Christian and Jewish relations and polemics in the ancient world and Julian's comments about Christian philanthropy of his day.

William Weedon on Weedon's Blog features Patristic Quotes of the Day from St. Maximos, St. Augustine

Stay Catholic on Free Cathlic shares a catena on the Catholic church as the true church on its three orders of clergy and another catena on oral tradition and, finally, a catena on Purgatory

Insight Scoop features the introduction of Hugo Rahner's classic Church and State in Early Christianity. Hat tip: Mike Aquilina

Lightbearer on Walking in the Light republishes the introduction to James White's The Pre-Existence of Christ including discussion of the patristic testimony on the subject.

GodFearin Fiddler on GodFearinForum reviews Eusebius on Apostolic Succession.

The Wisdom blog features St. Gregory Palamas on On the Essential Unity of the Uncreated Divine Natural Attributes with the Divine Nature

Weekend Fisher on Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength tries to put the sola scriptura straw man, among others, to bed

Rob Bradshaw on features an article on Tatian by Peter M. Head.

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Weekend Fisher said...

Thanks for the link.

If you submitted any of your general interest ecumenical posts to the next Christian Reconciliation Carnival, we'd be glad to link you. Sorry about the plug, just trying to stir up more interest in ecumenism.

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