Sunday, October 25, 2009

Call for Submissions: Patristic Carnival XXIX

Welcome to Patristic Carnival XXIX. This month, we're over at The Church of Jesus Christ blog again. Thanks to Joel (Polycarp) for taking this month. I've been very appreciative of the efforts of both Joel and Rod in taking the last few Patristic Carnivals as I deal with my excessively busy fall. Thanks very much. You are gentlemen and scholars!.

The guidelines remain the same as the Modest Proposal entry back in November, 2006 and my additions in August, 2007.

The last day of submission will be October 31 and the postings will be up in the week of November 6th.

Remember you can offer submissions on the carnival site or the dedicated e-mail (


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Patristic Carnival XXVIII is up at Political Jesus

I'm a little late with this as this carnival has been up for a few days. Unfortunately, busyness and a cranky computer have prevented me from posting earlier. However, Rod has Patristics Carnival XXVIII up!

Thank you to Rod for his hard work on this Carnival and for a job well done! I very much appreciate the help.

I think the next carnival will be back here at hyperekperissou unless someone wanted to take this carnival as well.