Thursday, February 15, 2007

Patristic Roundup- Feb. 8-14th, 2007

Well, here are the posting for the week. Enjoy!

Mike Aquilina at the Way of the Fathers features an assessment of the Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa patristic works , calls attention to early Christian baby names (then, posts a follow-up), quotes St. John Chrysothom on the ideal woman on Valentines day and gives a brief review of J. Christopher King’s Origen on the Song of Songs As the Spirit of Scripture: The Bridegroom’s Perfect Marriage-Song.

Danny Garland at Irish-Catholic and Dangerous featurse St. Ephrem on Christ's Humanity, St. John Chyrosthom on not blaming Jesus and Augustine on Faith.

William Weedon at Weedon's Blog features Patristic Quotes of the Day from St. Jerome, St Ephrem the Syrian, Augustine, Ambrose again and, lastly, Ambrose.

Stay Catholic offers a patristic catena on the intercession of the saints, another catena on The Real Prescence, another on Confession/Reconciliation, another on the Immaculate Conception and another on Justification.

Steward Rutledge on Fancy Latin Title probes the interelation of several Trinitarian heresies in a post onf Monoarchiaism, discusses the Holy Spirit in light of the Trinitarian controversies of the fourth century

The Alexander Ministries blog gives us a good review of scholarship on Gnosticism.

Rachel Stanton tells us about the martyrdom of Maximillian, a third-century soldier-martyr.

Joe on the Reformed Catholicism blog discusses baptism, covenant and the Fathers.

Daniel Mitsui on The Lion and the Cardinal blog posts on the contribution that the Fathers can provide for Roman Catholics' understanding of their faith and practice. He follows up with Part II

James Swan on Beggars All posts a quote of Nemesius of Emesa.

Kevin on the Truth is Discovered blog let us know about the upcoming meeting of the Canadian Society of Patristic Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, May 26-28, 2007

The Viam Pacis blog features a review of the 1906 book, Athanasius the Hero.

Matthew Jackson on the Priest Matthew Jackson blog feature a lecture on the prayer of St. Ephrem of Syria

Adrian Murdoch on Bread and Circuses features a discussion of Eudoxia and St. John Chrysosthom and a series on Severan of Gabala, especially his relationship to the empire and on the Concordia Augustorum

The Apocrypha Corner

Tony Chartrand-Burke on Apocryphicity features a fragment of a possible new Apocrypon about Jesus' funeral.

April McConnick on the Forbidden Gospel blog features a review of Maraschenni and Norelli's Early Latin and Greek Christian Literature and further discussion of historical hermeneutics.

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