Sunday, July 03, 2011

This Fortnight in Patristics June 19th- July 2, 2011

Welcome to TFP or, if you like, TWP x2. There is a lot of entries in this edition, so enjoy the fruits of the backlog!

Al on the Is there Somebody Out There? blog discusses his connection with St. Irenaeus of Lyons.

The RevLife blog presents a patristic catena on the peaceful life.

Proffessor Markus Vincent from the Oxford Patristics (conference) blog posts a plethora of abstracts for the forthcoming Oxford Patristics conference. Far too many to comment on, but, for those in Britain and attending the conference, enjoy!

Alin Suciu on his self-named blog considers Coptic fragments of a sermon attributed variously to Severus of Alexandria, St. Gregory Nazianzus and Hesychius of Jerusalem, a supplentary leaf from a work by Epiphanius of Salamis, additional Coptic works attributed to St. John Chrystostom and notes on the canons of pseudo=Athanasius.

mjhoskin on the pocket scroll blog discusses the need to apply N.T. Wright's concept of a hermenutic of love (probably derived from Augustine's de doctrina ultimately) not only to biblical texts, but to patristic ones, the legacy of '2nd and 3rdgeneration' (wave?) desert monasticism, his thoughts on John Climacus, and discusses two saints of the week, Simeon the Stylite and Shenoute . Wow, I just couldn't keep up with mj, much less the whole list of posts in the last couple weeks.

April DeConick on the Forbidden Gospel blog reviews Bart Ehrman and Zlatko Plese's new book, The Apocryphal Gospels.

Nick Norellii on the Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth blog lists resources for Syriac Christianity and notes the Church Father's module for Bibleworks 8 (based on the work of amicus noster, Roger Pearse!)

The Bryn Mawr Classical Review blog features a review of Thomas O'Loughlin, The Didache: A Window on the Earliest Christians. and Jörg Ulrich, Anders-Christian Jacobsen, Maijastina Kahlos (ed.), Continuity and Discontinuity in Early Christian Apologetics. Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity

That's is it for this last two weeks. Back to weekly updates next week!



Anonymous said...

Good call on Second Wave Desert monasticism! I was trying to think of something more appropriate than Second Generation, but that would still have been fourth-century stuff.

Anonymous said...

The link to Shenoute didn't work. Here it is:

Richard said...

Phil, thank you so much for doing this -- it's always a bright spot in my week!