Sunday, July 24, 2011

This Week in Patristics July 17th-23rd, 2011

Welcome to TWP! It has been a light week, probably because we are in high vacation season this week. Hope you enjoy that there is!

Father Benedict Crawford on the Seeking the Kingdom blog posts Chapter Four of St. Benedict's Rule in two parts with a brief commentary (part one, part two). H/T Matthew Hoskin

mjhoskin on the pocket scroll blog considers the Eucharistic Prayer of Addai and Mari and the insights that liturgical prayer have in our understanding of the Fathers (if we understand theology as worship as many of the Fathers did, I don't see how we could help learn more by praying as they did). He, also, discusses the effect that the Desert Fathers have on our sense of comfort in our lives today.

While not quite about Patristics, J. F. Hobbins on the Ancient Hebrew Poetry blog discusses a concern common to all students of the ancient world- the need for accessible ancient sources in the original language and the will to use them. I've seen the same phenomenon in Classics and in Patristics, writing more about one's colleagues than one's sources. It is easier and it is also symptomatic of our modern (especially North American) unwillingness to learn the linguistic tools of our trade.

Weekend Fisher on the Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength blog discusses a passage from Plato's Euptrypho which asks about the relationship between love and piety, answering in an almost patristic way.

That is it for this week! See you next week.


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