Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Call for Submissions- Patristics Carnival XXV

Welcome to Patristic Carnival XXV. This month, we're still here at hyperekperissou. (If there is anyone, anyone, who'd like to host, let me know. Please!)

The guidelines remain the same as the Modest Proposal entry back in November, 2006 and my additions in August, 2007.

The last day of submission will be June 30 and the postings will be up in the week of July 5th.

Remember you can offer submissions on the carnival site or the dedicated e-mail (



Seumas Macdonald said...

Phil, I'd be happy to host.

Phil said...


When you like to host? Next month would be brilliant, as I'm moving, but we can work something out.


Seumas Macdonald said...

Next month would be fine.

jacob said...

I thought you might be interested in learning about OUR Jewish traditions, one which has embraced the real Christ of the gospel, the Law and the prophets.

If this doesn’t interest you, I apologize in advance.

If you are interested let me tell you that we are the Frankist Association of America. One of our members has a new book out:

I am not trying to sell you something. We are not ’some kind of cult’ (like Jews could ever take orders from someone!). We’re just a tradition which has lasted for centuries.

If you're interested, you're interested. If you're not, you're not. No big deal.

If you can’t afford the book you can see the website of one of our living teachers –

I just wanted to let you and the scholarly world that there have always been more than one type of Judaism in the world at any one time. Some forms of the faith had to learn to hide their beliefs in order to survive and perpetuate themselves.

Shalom, God Bless
Everything is perfect with God's glory

Beth El Jacob Frank

Phil Snider said...

Hi Seamus;

Thanks! I appreciate it very much. Could you send along an e-mail to the patristics carnival e-mail so we can keep in touch?