Friday, July 20, 2007

Patristics Carnival Revival

I've decided to revive the Patristics carnival idea I had back in December,largely because the weekly Roundups are becoming difficult to maintain, what with a seven month son, work and family. So, I'm thinking that the Carnivals will run monthly (the experience of the Roundups suggest to me there will be material). The general guidelines are here in the Modest Proposal post from November. The only real change I'll make is that I will not post mere quotes from the Fathers, but will consider catenas on a case by case basis. Otherwise, essays or reflections are welcome.

Submissions can be sent through the dedicated e-mail: or through the blog carnival site. Suggestions should be submitted by July 31st. I expect to publish it by August 8th (I'll be in transit before that).

Spread the word. The Patristics carnival is back!

Meanwhile, back to my regularly scheduled vacation.

Peace, Phil


Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you'll slow down a little. But don't take that extra time you're making by leaving aside the weekly Patristic roundups to spend on putting together catenas. Yikes! I've tried that before, and it is alot of work. Just finding the commentary passages is enough of a headache, much less translating them. Ease your way into it. Your family needs you more than we need another catena! It's good to see you back!

Phil S. said...

No, no, I have no intention of setting up catenas myself. I just don't have either the mind for it or the time for it. Or for that matter even the inclination. While I know they are a time-honoured way of dealing with the Fathers, but I'm too much driven by context in my thinking to like pulling passages out.

I'm keeping my other activities on the blog roughly the same. That is I'll post every week or so, sometimes a reflection or commentary, sometimes a translation. I just don't have time for more than that.