Sunday, June 07, 2009


It's been a busy month at at the Snider household, which, I think, will explain why there were next to no entries last year beyond the Patristics Carnival. Mind you, May is always busy for me because of the Ontario Student Classics Conference which I attend each year with some of my students. We prepare for this all year, but it makes for a busy month as we are usually rushing towards the conference date and, then, I spend most of the rest of the month recovering from the backlog of marking and paper work which is inevitably the result of such a time.

This May has been unusually busy, largely because I got hit with a nasty, nasty (non-swine related) flu around mid-month, which spread to my son and my wife. We are only now pretty much recovered. And, amid all of us getting sick as dogs, we bought our first house. Those of you who have bought a house know the running around with bids, sorting out mortgages and what not that buying a house entails. Add one or the other of us (and more frequently, both my wife and I) was fighting off a fever, and I think you'll see why I haven't posted.

Anyway, I haven't died yet. I'm back and there is a Patristics Carnival coming up this week. And, then, back to our regular pattern of posting (packing and moving house permitting).



Weekend Fisher said...

Hope you & all yours are feeling better.

I hope to get back into the patristics carnival circuit soon; as soon as we're not doing mandatory 50-hour weeks at work ... ;)

Take care & God bless

J. L. Watts said...

Glad to here that you are better, Phil.

Jim said...

It takes 22 seconds to get lots of prayers for sick wives and kids. I am just saying......

Glad you are finally getting a bit above the waves.