Saturday, May 24, 2008

Patristics Carnival XII- Call for Submissions

Well, it's time for Patristic Carnival XI!

I'm a little late with this call for submissions, but here it goes. This month's Carnival will be back here at hyperekperissou.

The guidelines remain the same as Modest Proposal entry back in November, 2006 and my additions in August, 2007.

The last day of submission will be May 31st and the postings will be up later by the week of June 2nd. .

Remember you can offer submissions on the carnival site or the dedicated e-mail (



Cody... said...

My email to you bounced.

Cody... said...

And the website doesn't work either. did you decide to end it early?

Phil Snider said...

No, it is still going on. I suspect I haven't set up the new carnival. Been busy.

I notice that you have a couple things on St. Gregory of Nazianzus. Are these the ones you wanted to call to my attention?


Cody... said...

Yes. Thank you.