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Patristics Carnival XII- May, 2008

I'm very late with this again, but that seems to be my life right now. I hope you enjoy this busy month.

Front Gate: Introductions to the Fathers

No entries here this month.

The Midway: Articles on the Fathers

Mike Aquilina on The Way of the Fathers reports on Pope Benedict's Wednesday talk on Pseudo-Dionysius and on Romanus, discusses politicians, bad jokes and the Arian (or is it Aryan) controversy,

Richard Anderson on the dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos theophilos blog features a discussion of the Septuagint, starting with an introduction, continuing with a discussion of the importance of the Septuagint to both the biblical writers and the Fathers, and discusses the implications of this use of the Septuagint.

Jeff Miller on the livinghesed blog, inspired by Christopher Hall's Learning Theology with the Church Fathers , considers what we can learn from the Arian controversy, how the Pelagian controversy can be seen today, compares St. John Crysosthom with Tony Robbins and muses on St. Ireneaus' method of biblical interpretation.

mdestes on the Philos and Storge blog discusses the Eucharist in the Ante-Nicene period.

admin on The Biblical Arch Seminary blog considers the formation of the Christian canon.

Linus Chua on
his blog discusses monasticism and its good and bad features.

Jeffrey Norris on the Norris blog features an essay on heresy in the Pre-Nicene church.

T. Lewis on the Source Theory blog muses over the usefulness of patristic citations of the Gospel of Matthew for source criticism of that gospel.

Wei-Hsien Wan on the Torn Notebook blog discusses the place of the Fathers in the church as analyzed by Pope Benedict (the former cardinal, Ratzinger) in part one, part two and part three. I'm really looking forward to actually reading these (as opposed to the skim I've been doing to get this carnival out)

Taylor Marshall on the Canterbury Tales blog features a discussion of the patristic evidence for the sign of the cross.

R.E. Aguirre on the regula-fidei blog discusses Michael Hortan's take on Scripture and Tradition.

zdbu on the Scribblings blog starts a series on the Apostles Creed with part one, part two, part three and part four. More parts are to come.

Shaun Reeves on the Within the Garden blog discusses how patristics shaped his understanding of his own faith.

Paenitit on the
Paenitentia blog features a discussion of the themes in St. Clement's First Letter to the Corinthians.

Paul Gregory Alms on the incarnatus est blog points out a close parallel between Matthew 7, 15 and Didache, 11.

Tim Trautman on the God Fearin' Forum discusses ecclesiology and the early creeds, muses on the links of Pentacost, the papacy and Tertullian, dismisses theories that the Letters of Ignatius of Antioch were forged, discusses Hegisippus and the Levitical nature of priests, and declares Calvinism refuted by Origen.

Roger Pierce on Thoughts on Antiquity gives an update of the translation of Eusebius' Quaestiones in parts eleven.

The Marketplace: Book Reviews

Seumas Jeltzz Macdonald on the Subversive Compliance blog favourably reviews D.H. William's book, Evangelicals and Tradition

Craig Carter on the Politics of the Cross blog features an extensive review of Michael Hanby's Augustine and Modernity.

Father Tim Finigan on the hermeneutic of continuity blog reviews Father Thomas Crean, The Mass and the Saints.

Noah Peterson on the Books for Christians gives a short review of Tomas Spindik's Drinking from the Hidden Fountain: A Patristic Breviary

R.E. Aguirre on the regula-fidei blog reviews Nick Needham's Justification in the Early Church Fathers.

Dr. Karl Moller on the Biblical Studies Notebook reviews the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series from IVP press.

On this blog, I review Scott Hahn's and Mike Aquilina's Living the Mysteries.

Exhibition Place: Biographies of the Fathers.

cd on the Discover the Faith blog discusses St. Ignatius of Antioch in part one, part two and part three.

The Catholic Internet Mission blog features a biography of St. John Damascene.

The Rodeo: Patristic catenae

Bob Mitchell on the Shofar Ministries websites challenges pre-trib rapture with a patristic catena.

The Religious Stuff blog features a catena on the Trinity in the Church Fathers.

The Foreign Exchange Tent: Translations

No entries this month.

The Apocryphal Aisle: Christian Apocrypha

April DeConick on The Forbidden Gospels blog features a discussion on terminology for the pluralism of the Early Church and a reprise and another and finally a discussion of the need for the terms.

James Gibson on the Sanctus blog features a discussion of further revelations about the Gospel of Judas edition from National Geographic.

Well, that is it. I hope you enjoy the offerings this month. As usual, if you can host either next month or later this year, let me know.


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