Sunday, April 17, 2011

This Week in Patristics April 10-16th

Welcome to the beginning of Holy Week and, of course, another week of Patristics in blogsphere. The Editor on the blog offers a catena of patristic quotes on abortion.

The Catholic blog notes the suggestion of an Orthodox official that modern psychology could benefit from reading the Church Fathers.

Joel on the Christian Watershed blog discusses the shortcoming of conservative evangelicals and emergent Christians and challenges them to read the Fathers and nothing but the Fathers for a year (complete with reading list). Not a bad idea. Thanks to Darrel Pursiful on the Doctor Playtpus blog who pointed out this entry and notes the Reformer's debt to the Fathers.

Father Ernesto Obregon on the Ortho-Cuban blog considers humility, the pastor and St. John Climacus.

Roger Pearse on his self-named blog discusses the frequently repeated charge that Eusebius of Caesarea and St. Basil both attacked science. Pearse tracks down the charges, searches out the references used to back them and, in the course of doing so, raises real doubt about whether the comments are attacks on science or against novelty or allegory respectively. Thus, proving my contention that, if you're not quite sure that an argument quite works, you should always dig through the references.

Larry Hurtado on his self-named blog discusses a Early Christian 'Testimonia' text from Oxyrhenchus. HT to Jim Davila on the PaleoJudaica blog.

That is it for now. Hope you enjoy the entries and please remember to pass along any mentions you run into as you surf. Next Sunday is Easter, of course, so I'm not guaranteeing that I'll post right on Sunday. I'll have the update by Monday night, I should think. Peace, Phil

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