Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christian Reconciliation Carnival 10

I've agreed to host another carnival for this month, the Christian Reconciliation Carnival; a carnival devoted to ecumenical questions and our prayers for the (re-)unification of the Christian Church. The deadline I'm proposing for submissions is December 19th (that, I know is a bit tight, but I'm going away on the 23rd, so need time to put this together).

My proposed topic is:

How does our understanding of Early Christianity (here defined as the apostolic period to the end of the patristic age c. 750 AD)help or hinder our efforts at Christian Reconciliation?

Please submit entries or nominations to by December 19th and I expect to post by the end of the week.



mike aubrey said...

Phil, I'm sorry that this isn't about your post, but you might be interested in this new project being planned for Logos Bible Software:

Would you be willing to help get the word out to the Patristics Bloggers?

Phil Snider said...

Thanks for the tip! I've posted a note about it and referred people back to your post.