Thursday, April 05, 2007

Patristics Roundup- March 29-April5, 2007

Welcome to the Maundy Thursday edition of the Patristics Roundup. I know a lot of my readers will be busy this weekend going to various church events (as will I), so let me wish you all Happy Easter. Look for my Easter reflection later on this weekend.

Mike Aquilina on The Way of the Fathers has had a busy week. He celebrated his first year anniversary for his blog (Happy anniversary!). He quotes Egeria of Gaul about the Palm Sunday processions in 4th century Jerusalem. His Which Church Father Are You quiz is sweeping the patristic garden. Take it. I did. (Origen, Origen, how did I come out Origen!!!!)

Will Weedon on Weedon's Blog features in his Patristic Quote of the Day quotes by St. Augustine, St. Augustine again, St. Leo the Great, Cyril of Alexandria

Danny Garland on theIrish-Catholic and Dangerous blog features St. Jerome on daughters entering religious life and St. Maximus of Turin on Psalm 22.

God-Fearin' Fiddler on the God-Fearin' Forum gives us a brief history of Gnosticism,

Greg Boyd on the Christus Victor Ministries blog discusses the influence of Platonism on the formation of doctrine in the patristic era. He isn't a fan.

James Swan on the Beggars All blog features St. John Chrysosthom on Scripture in his Ancient Voices series.

Jason Engwer on Trialogue features a discussion of the importance of the resurrection on the Church Fathers.

Steven C. Carson on the Hypotposeis blog features a quote by St. Clement of Alexandria on Buddha. Who knew? Hat Tip: Mike Aquilina.

James Siemens on the East to West blog features the Latin version of Venatius Fortunatus' Pange, lingua gloriosi’ hymn.

Father Z on the What does the Prayer Really Say? blog reports on a Palm Sunday podcast with St. Andrew of Crete,
discusses St. Augustine on the Lord's Passion, features a prayer to St. Isidore of Sevile, the unofficial patron saint of the Internet, pints us to a podcast featuring St. Augustine on the True Vine.

Rick Brannon on ricoblog features quotes by J.B. Lightfoot on the genuineness of 1st Clement

On his other blog, Rick Brannon features a discussion of the Pastoral Epistles in the Didache and the first series on I Clement.

The Apocryphal Corner,

Tony Chartrand-Burke on the Apocryphicity blog features a continuation on his discussion of a fragment which he believes to feature the funeral of Jesus, a brief Gospel of Judas roundup, and notes the Vatican's displeasure about media portrayals of apocrypha (surprise, surprise!?)

April DeConick on The Forbidden Gospels blog features entries on Excerpts of Theodotus by St. Clement of Alexandria, the second installment on her very helpful discussion on communal memory and continues her discussion about recovering the shards of our communal memory of early Christianity and adds a third post to the same series.

David Mills on Mere Comments blog gives an extremely unfavourable review to Elaine Pagel's book on the Gospel of Judas. I'm not sensing he's a fan.

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