Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On Virginia Tech

Anyone who is a teacher or has spent as much time in universities as I have can't help but have strong feelings about recent events at Virginia Tech. Like most people, I've read the news reports, studied the stories of survivors, been inspired by the stories of heroism now coming out, tried (and failed)to fathom the mind of the killer and grieved for the victims, their families and friends. Evil did stalk the campus of Virginia Tech that day. Its first victim was Cho Seung-Hui; thirty-two others followed.

This is not the time for fault-finding or what-ifs or second guessing. There are elements of this story which will encourage reflection on how to deal with this kind of situation better. This is the time for grief for lives lost.

So, in this little corner of blogosphere, I offer my prayers for those who died, for their families, for those who were injured and all those who are suffering from grief and loss and for all those whose sense of security on campus or elsewhere has been shattered.

May God be with you all.


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