Sunday, May 08, 2011

This week in Patristics May 1-7, 2011

Welcome to the new installment of TWP!

Kevin Edgecomb on the biblicalia blog features an update of his recommendations from the Popular Patristics series from St. Vladimir's Press. These book sre also a staple for my reading (I"m re-reading the volume on St. John Chrysosthom's sermons about family as the birth of my second son is imminent). They offer accessible and readable translations at a good price.

Father Ted on Father Ted's blog considers the usefulness of patristic authors in our understanding of Adam, highlight, especially, St Athanasius, St. Ephrem Syrus and St. John Chrysosthom.

Nick Norelli no the Rightly Dividing the Gospel of Truth blog considers St. Augustine's contribution to the controversy of the eternal functional subordination of the Son within the Trinity. A good entry, but, ever time I try to twist my head around the Trinity, my head throbs. He also considers St. Epiphanus' Panarion on the Incarnation.

Matthew Hoskin on the Pocket Scroll blog offers a discussion of St. Augustine, Pelagianism and Matthew's own reflections on the subject.

Alin Suciu on his self-named blog considers the Coptic manuscript of St. John Chrysosthom.

Roger Pearse on his self-named blog updates us on his project to get Origen's Homilies on Exechiel translated and discusses Persian Christian manuscripts in two parts (one and two)

April DeConnick on The Forbidden Gospel blog provides a link to online images of the Nag Hammadi collection from Claremont College.

Ben Myers on the Faith and Theology blog offers six lectures on Augustine's de trinitate.

Well, that's it for this week. I'll be a little late for the next installment, as I'm off to my yearly big student conference. I should have things ready for Monday night.


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