Sunday, March 20, 2011

Announcing 'This Week in Patristics'

Over the last few weeks, I've been thinking further about this blog and what would be the most useful use of my energy for it. Over the last few years, I've found it difficult to produce original essays every week, so I was thinking it might be a better approach to get back to being useful again. So, as an experiment, I thought I would return to surveying the patristic-blogging world again. This, I stress, may prove as unsustainable as writing original entries, but I'm hoping that, if I work on this steadily, the burden won't be as heavy as it was when I quit.

To that end, I decided I would abandon the monthly format of the old Patristics Carnival in favour of a weekly one. This sounds counter-intuitive- how can a weekly wrap-up be less work than a monthly one?-, but what a basic problem with the Patrisics Carnival by the end was that the volume of the work at the end of the month was so great that I couldn't manage the concentrated time every month. By forcing myself to work weekly (and hopefully, daily), I'm hoping I can spread the work more evenly. It is, at least, worth a try.

To that end, I'll conclude with a couple comments on editorial policy, my contact information and the date of the first posting of 'This Week in Patristics'.

All blog entries dealing with patristics are welcome as long as they are original
works. Mere quotations of either patristic authors or scholars will not be considered,
as they are basically derivative. However, comment on patristic texts, translations,
historical or theological discussions of Church Fathers or of apocryphal texts will be
considered. All faith traditions or lack thereof will be eligible, provided that their
discussion is informed and respectful.

Generally, I will rely on Google Updates and my own skimming of the likely suspects to
find entries of interest, but, if you know of a patristic blog entry, please send it along to
me at

I will, God willing, post my first 'This Week in Patristics' on Sunday, March 27th, 2011.



Danny Garland Jr. said...

Welcome back!

Jim said...

i hope the new format works out.