Sunday, February 14, 2010

Future Directions

Hi all;

Things have been very quiet on hyperekperissou recently, as my faithful readers know, so, now that we've hit the fourth anniversary of this blog, I thought I would update all of you about where I see this blog is going in the next little while.

First, the good news. I hope to get back to regular blogging starting next week. Things at work remain busy, but the worst of the craziness seems to be abating. So, now is a good time to resume. I should note that, while I'm intending to return to weekly posts, I'm not putting as much pressure on myself if I miss a week or two here and there. If I'm too busy or just have no ideas, I'm not posting. Still, I have built up a bit of a bank of ideas over the last few months that I'd like to blog on, so I look forward to getting back to it.

Along with that, I'm going to re-launch this blog with a new look and a slightly new focus. Well, really, it is a return to basics for me. Part of my reason for my dry spell, I think, is that I was starting to twist myself into a pretzel that my patristics writing just wasn't academic enough and that, gasp, I was being listed as a related, devotional blog, not as a 'real' blog on the biblioblog rating system. I realized that this really just doesn't matter and that the point, self-indulgent as it sounds, is that I enjoy what I'm writing and, hopefully, that all of you do as well. So, more on this later with the kick-off post for the new look and focus next week.

Now, the bad news is that, after some prayer and thinking over the last few months, I've realized that I need to let the Patristics Carnival go. I just don't have the energy to do it and do what I want to do on this blog and, frankly, it has been feeling rather like an unending chore the last few months. If anyone wants to take it over, feel free. I'll happily hand over the log-in information for both the dedicated e-mail and the Carnival site (which I have to update this week). Just e-mail me at the dedicated e-mail and we'll work that out.

So, the long and short is keep an eye out next weekend for the triumphant re-launch of hyperekperissou. Have a good week. I wish you happy pancakes (for those of you who do Pancake Tuesday) and the start of a holy Lent.



Jim said...

" I was being listed as a related, devotional blog, not as a 'real' blog on the biblioblog rating system." Such a thing exists?

I note that you had a 'dedicated e-mail?' was that for other similar blogs or whom? Just curious.

Everyday I find more I know less about.

Welcome back!


Ben said...

Sorry about the Patristics Carnival, it was the only reason I looked at this blog.

It was god while it lasted...

Phil Snider said...

Hi Jim;

The dedicated e-mail was specifically for the Patristics Carnival. And thanks for the welcome.

I understanding being sorry about the Patristics Carnival. I wish I had the energy to continue it, but it just isn't in me. I hope you'll still check in and see if there is anything else of value on this blog.