Friday, October 10, 2008

Patristics Carnival XVI- September, 2008

Well, it's finally done. Patristics Carnival XVI! Enjoy!

Front Gate: Introductions to the Fathers

Nothing this month

The Midway: Articles on the Fathers

malcolmxyz on the From The Outside In blog reflects on St. Ephraim, ecumenism and 'evil-doers' in an interesting application of a patristic author to a contemporary problem.

Weekend Fisher on the Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength blog discusses anniversary offerings for the dead in Augustine's Confessions.

indignus on the Scriptorium blog reviews the various web and live response to Nancy Pelosi's comments on abortion and the Fathers.

matthew on Matthew's Random Rantings looks back at the stages of his encounter with patristic authors over the last few years.

Sam Harrelson on his self-named blog speculates about what would have happened if Constantine had converted to Judaism rather than Christianity. He also reflects on the impact that the persecutions had on Christian identity.

VoxClamantis on the Fish Eater's Forum posts an interesting analysis of St. Augustine's complex attitude to women, written by Maureen McCew. I don't usually include re-postings of articles, but this one is definately worth reading!

Joseph Walker on the felix hominum blog reflects on St. Cyprian's Unity of the Church, with an eye to the Anglican ecclesial 'Time of Troubles' in several parts- Intro, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7. The series actually started in late August and I missed it, but this is a must-read not only for Anglicans, but for all those who love the Church.

Damon on the How2BecomeChristian blog reviews the Mormon (mis-)use of the patristic concept of deification.

Paul Cat on the Alive and Young blog posts an activity connecting Scripture and the Nicene Creed for his Grade 8 Religion class.

Alex on the Your Own Personal Jesus blog reflects on St. Athanasius's On the Incarnation from an evangelical standpoint.

Eric Sowell on the Archaic Christianity blog reacts to some of the offerings from the last Patristic Carnival (XV) dealing with the canon, reflects on reading John's Protoevangelon in Greek, considers anti-Marcionite prefaces to Latin Bibles,

northwestsemitic on The Reformed Reader blog considers whether the Fathers are relevant to contemporary Biblical Studies in the view of Gerald Bray's book, Out of Egypt.

Ron Corson on the Adventist Media Response and Conversation blog reflects on Origen's theological legacy from an Adventist point of view.

Macrina on the Vow of Conversation blog reports on a conference dealing with St. Cyprian recently held in Amsterdam.

R. Scott Clark on the Heidleblog considers whether there was an apostolic hermeneutic of Scripture and whether we can imitate it. And I like the name of the blog.

Edward Moore on the Musings of a Christian Platonist blog considers patristic discussions about the Creator from a Platonist perspective.

Eastcoastdweller on the In Search of Isis blog meditates on the Didache and Martyrdom of Polycarp, with some reservations.

Father Ernesto Obregón on the OrthoCuban blog considers Scripture, Tradition and the Ecumenical Councils.

TurretinFan on the Thoughts of Francis Turretin considers the suppressed 'patristic' texts at Nicaea II.

Albert M. on the Labarum blog considers Nicaea II and the suppression of iconclast texts in response to the preceding blog entry.

John Uebersax on the Catholic Gnosis blog considers patristic psychology and its possible applications to how to quit smoking.

Peter Head on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog takes notes on the Shepherd of Hermas

David Waltz on the Articuli Fidei blog considers soteriology in the Fathers.

Scott Bosse on The Pope Podcast blog outlines the life of Pope Victor I.

Roger Pearse on his self-named blog considers claims that 1000 Christian Arabic manuscripts were destroyed in World War II.

Mike Aquilina on The Way of the Fathers blog muses on rock music's patristic expert, Dion and discusses the authenticity of recent discovered Augustine sermons.

Philip Sumpter on the Narrative and Ontology blog discusses the patristic contribution of Andrew Louth, considered canon and the 'history of religion' and analyzed allegory and the problem of 'history'.

Tim Trautman on the Army of the Martyrs blog discusses apostolic succession and authority, considers Augustine's views on sacrifice and the martyrs and argues that heretical doctrines don't develop.

Polycarp on The Church of Jesus Christ blog discusses Justin Martyr (amongst others) and the scandal of factionalism in today's churches, considers Vincent of Lerins and why the Church determines interpretation of Scripture (from a Protestant slant), discusses why the Church is apostolic in three parts (part 1, part 2, part 3), discusses my posting on heresy hunting in the Fathers.

On this blog, I discuss the practice of hunting for heresies in the Church Fathers.

The Marketplace: Book Reviews

Nick Norelli on The Rightly Dividing the Truth blog provides an extensive review of John Anthony McGuckin's, The Westminster Handbook to Patristic Theology

Kevin Edgecomb on the biblicalia blog reviews Mike Aquilina's new book, Signs and Mysteries. Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols. I still owe my review, forthcoming in the next month.

Jeff Miller on the Curt Jester blog reviews Mike Aquilina's new book, Signs and Mysteries.

Eric Sowell reviews Bart Ehrman's Lost Christianities.

On this blog, I review Mark Husband's and Jeffrey Greenman's collection of papers from the Wheaton Theology Conference in 2007, Ancient Faith for the Church's Future

Exhibition Place: Biographies of the Fathers

Stu on the What Matters to Me blog discusses the martyrdom of St. Polycarp.

Father Check on the Seek His Face blog discusses St. Jerome on the occasion of his memorial.

The Rodeo: Patristic catenae

Polycarp on The Church of Jesus Christ blog features a refreshing patristic catena on modesty. It isn't just for women anymore.

mattymojo on the Uncle Matt's Discoveries offers a patristic catena on reincarnation, representing both pro and con sides.

The Foreign Exchange Tent: Translations

On this blog, I translate another installment of Sulpicius Severus' Life of St. Martin.

The Apocryphal Aisle: Christian Apocrypha

Nothing this month.

Well, that's about it for this month. Look for Patristics Carnival XVI over at Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength!



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Thank you for the Carnival!

Alex said...

I appreciate you linking to my post. It generated some good discussion over there.

Kevin said...

Thank you for pulling all of this together. You have found some enjoyable and informative discussions. I tend to focus on Greek fathers, so it's nice have some good posts about Latin fathers highlighted.

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