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Patristics Carnival III- August, 2007

Front Gate: Introduction to the Fathers

Mike Aquilina on The Way of the Fathers offers an introduction to the Fathers (and Mothers) in four parts (Part One, Two, Three, Four). For all of those who don't quite know where to begin, this is a good place.

The Midway: Articles on the Fathers

chrysostomos on the Patristically Speaking blog make a brief, but effective plea to read the Fathers and the Reformers.

Dr. Claude Mariottini isn't a fan of patristic style typology and he tells you why.
Exhibition Place: Biographies on the Fathers

Steve on Triablogue challenges an attempt to re-date Paul's letters using Marcian's revision of the canon. The Food Tent: Book-Reviews on patristic books

Carla on the Carla Nayland Historical Fiction blog discusses Bede and the use of his sources. Yes, Bede (barely) falls into the patristic period.

Jeff Martin on the What's Wrong with the World blog discusses St. Augustine and his concept of infancy in the Confessions.

Patrik Hagman on the God in a Shrinking Universe blog gives an account of the 15th International Patristics Conference in Oxford in July. Roger Pierce ....

Josh McManaway on A New Testament Student blog discusses the importance of reading the Fathers while studying the New Testament. A sentiment close to my heart.

Doug on the Metacatholic blog reacts to McMabaway's blog and discusses the case for an ordained priesthood in the NT and the some very early Fathers.

James Siemeens on The East And West blog continues his discussion about Theodore of Tarsus and his influence on the British church.

Mike Aquilina on The Way of the Fathers blog discusses the connection between keys in Isaiah and Matthew in St. Ephrem, reports on Pope Benedict's discussion of Basil, Pope Benedict's comments about St. Gregory Nazianzus , discusses St. Augustine, and finishes off with Pope Benedict's comments on St. Gregory of Nyssa.

Kevin Edgecomb on the biblicalia blog discusses the regula fidei and reminds us of the story of St. Eustochius.

God Fearin' Fiddler on the God Fearin' Forum blog offers us a brilliant parody on Protestant use of Church Fathers. . And I, a Prot, even thought it was funny!

Ben Smith on the Thoughts on Antiquity blog publishes another in his canonical lists series on the canonical list of St. Epiphanius and a discussion of patristic citations on the cherubim.

Exhibition Place: Biographies of the Fathers

Orycteropus Afer on the Aardvark Alley blog features a biography of St. Augustine.

The Marketplace: Book Reviews

Matthijs den Dulk on the NT Today blog reviews Stanley E. Porter & Gordon L. Heath's The Lost Gospel of Judas: Separating Fact from Fiction (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2007)

The Rodeo: Patristic catenae

Kacy on the Meandering Home blog features a catena on Scripture and authority directed against sola scriptura.

The Symphony of Scripture offers a Protestant catena and commentary on the subject of transsubstantiation.

The Foreign Exchange Tent: Translations

Mike Aquilina on The Way of the Fathers blog reviews Daniel A. Keating, The Appropriation of Divine Life in Cyril of Alexandria .

The Dyspraxic Fundamentalist on The Patristic Page posts his translation of Pseudo-Dionysius' Mystical Theology.

April DeConick on The Forbidden Gospels blog notes Sebastian Brock's book on the Bible in the Syriac tradition

The Apocryphral Aisle: Christian Apocrypha

Tony Chartrand-Burke on the Apocryphicity blog features his final five misconceptions about Christian Apocrypha and reflects on Christian Acocrypha palimpsests.

April DeConick on The Forbidden Gospels blog notes some recent correction in the the readings of the Gospel of Judas, , discusses the scholarly tendency to divide up groups within Judaism and Christianity.

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