Thursday, June 14, 2007

Patristic Roundup, June 7-14th, 2007

Mike Aquilina on The Way of the Fathers offers us Fathers for Father's Day, features a discussion of Eusebius of Caesarea by Pope Benedict , recommends a new book by John Salza on the biblical basis of the papacy and directs us to the full Zenit account of Pope Benedict' discussion of Eusebius on Wednesday.

Will Weedon on Weedon's blog features St. Augustine, St. Ambrose , St. Ambrose again and St. Ambrose once more in his Patristic Quote of the Day.

drooellis on the Droo's Clues blog features a discussion of Origen and the Trinity.

biblicalchristian on the One Truth blog features quotations on why we shouldn't forget the Church Fathers.

Orycteropus Afer on Aardvark Alley discusses the Council of Nicaea.

Jim Bonewald on the church geek blog publishes a sermon on the Apostle's Creed.

Lawrence of Arabia on the revolt in the desert blog discuss the visual arts and the 7th ecumenical council.

Ryan Martin on the Immoderate blog features a discussion of the Fathers and spiritual gifts including a catena on the subject.

The Dyspraxic Fundamentalist on The Patristic Page blog is back from Japan (at last!) and with a vengeance. He has posted translations of St. Ephrem of Syria Against Bardanes and Chromatius of Aquileia's Prologue to the Gospel of St. Matthew.

The God Fearin' Fiddler on the God Fearin' Forum features a quote from St. Papias on the Importance of Tradition.

PJP on the Recapturing our Catholic Patrimony blog reflects on Pope Benedict's catechetical lecture on Eusebius of Caesaria and history.

Danny Garland on the Irish-Catholic and Dangerousblog quotes a Patristics song to the tune of Supercalafragalisticexpialadocius. I saw this a few years ago, but it is a good one!

Paul Gregory Alms on incarnatus est quotes Cyril of Jerusalem on turning west to east.

The Apocryphal Corner

April DeConick on The Forbidden Gospel blog alerts us to Alastair Logan's book, The Gnostics: Identifying a Christian Cult

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