Sunday, May 27, 2007

Patristic Roundup-May 17th-May 24th

This is a bit late and a little patchy towards the beginning of the week, but here are the offerings.

The Patristic Garden

Mike Aquilina on The Way of the Fathers blog discusses a lineamenta from the Vatican on the Word, along with a patristic catena from the document, muses on the Hindu traditions about St. Thomas, provides an interview with Carl Sommer, author of We Look for a Kingdom: The Everyday Lives of the Early Christians and continues it here.

Will Weedon on Weedon's blog includes in his Patristic Quotes of the Week quotes by St. Augustine, St. Diadochus of Photiki, St. Maximos the Great, and St. Cyril of Alexandria.

Father Z on the What Does the Prayer Really Say? blog links us to a podcast reading of St. Augustine on Sts. John and Peter.

Rick Brannon on ricoblog (among others) alerts us to another book on the Apostolic Fathers.

Kevin Foflygen on the Tu me fecisti et refecisti blog features a discussion of the Christian Sabbath and the Church Fathers.

The Agnology blog features an article on the politics of Christendom beginning with Constantine. They're not fans.

Jon Sorenson on the Instructions for the Ignorent blog has started a Ask a Church Father, featuring St. Irenaeus on Rome and the successors of St. Peter.

Glen Thomson on the Anaxmios, Anaxmios, Anaxmios blog features a discussion of Nestorian Christianity in Ancient China.

Jeremy Priest on the Turning Towards the Lord blog alerts us to a new book by D.H. Williams, Evangelicals and Tradition.

davetherave on the
davetherave conscious blog features a history article on Constantine.

Constantine on the Mars Hill blog features a quote by Lactantius.
The Cappadocia Guide blog features a brief introduction to the Cappadocian Fathers.

Brother Randy Grieve on The Tent of This Kingdom blog features a quote from St. Vincent of Lerins

Deacon Scott Dodge on The People of St. Mary Magdalene blog feature a quote from St. Cyril of Jerusalem.

James Swan on the Beggars All blog features Theonas of Alexandria in his Ancient Voices series.

Apocryphal Corner
Tony Chartrand-Burke on the Apocryphicity blog links us to his superb Collating for Dummies resource. I remember the lecture when he introduced this resource at the University of Toronto and thought it briliant.

April DeConick on The Forbidden Gospels blog devoted her energies to correct the mis-interpretation of her work in Nick Perrin's, Thomas, The Other Gospel, especially on the topics of orality-literacy, the Historical Jesus, accretions and methodology.


Kyle said...

You missed me :)

Phil S. said...


Are you thinking the Apostolic Succession post? That is for next week.


Kyle said...

I meant only that I had a few posts up on Ignatius this week.

Phil S. said...

Ah, let me have a look. I`ve been a little sleep deprived (baby's teething, I'm afraid) and I'll do an update.