Thursday, May 17, 2007

Patristics Roundup- May 10-17th, 2007


Mike Aquilina on The Way of the Fathers blog announces his new book, The Resilient Church, suggests online tools for patristic and biblical studies, links us to a chapter from Yves Conger's Meaning of Tradition and De Lubac's History and Spirit and quotes St. Leo the Great on Ascension Day.

Will Weedon on Weedon`s blog features Patristics Quotes of the day with St. Augustine.

Danny Garland on the Irish-Catholic and Dangerous blog asks St. Augustine about sacrifices.

Marshall Montgomery on the Communion in Conflict blog reflects on Aidon Nichol's book on Schism and the current situation in the Anglican Communion.

James Engwar on Triablogue discusses the prevalence of Monarchichal bishops in early Christianity.

Scott Lyons on the Swept Over blog discusses the early Fathers.

Christopher on the Orrologion blog discusses a Patristics Conference in St. Louis.

Fearsome Pirate on the Cruising Down the Coast of High Barbaree (now, there is a name for a blog!!!) talks about Ignatius and the Bishops.

James Swan on the Beggars All blog features St. Caesarius in his Ancient Voices series.

Father Z on the What Does the Prayer Say blog points us to a podcast of a St. Augustine sermon (well, not with him delivering it!)

The Apocryphal Corner

Tony Chartrand-Burke on the Apocryphicity blog discusses new developments in the study of the Syraic Infancy Gospel of Thomas.

April De Conick on The Forbidden Gospels blog alerts us to an article on the Gospel of Judas, continues her discussion about the kernal Thomas, sent out a call for recent theses, reported on a new book on the Gospel of Thomas, alerts to a series in the Expository Times on the other Gospels and another on the apostolic Fathers (okay, this last one is Patristic, but for simplicity sake, I left it here).

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