Thursday, April 26, 2007

Patristics Roundup- April 19-26, 2007

Welcome back to the roundup! It looks like an average week this week, so some interesting entries. Enjoy!


Mike Aqulina on The Way of the Fathers Blog quotes Pope Benedict's words on Augustine, announces advanced sales on his new expanded edition of his book, the Mass of the Early Christians, celebrates the feast of St. Mark with a quote from St. Jerome, alerts us to an article about the condemnation of Origen and quotes Pope Benedict's discussion of Origen.

Will Weedon on Weedon's Blog offers Patristics Quotes of the Day featuring St. Augustine, Augustine again, Augustine yet again,

Ian on the Ruminations by the Lake blog features an essay on Luther the Augustinian and a review of Ivor Davidson's Birth of the Church.

Deep Furrows on the Deep Furrows blog features an anthology of mostly patristic authors on ecclesiology.

Father Z on the What Does the Prayer Really Mean? blog features a discussion of Pope Benedict and St. Augustine's bones.

purifyyourbride on the Purify Your Bride blog features a discussion of the Fathers and evolution.

Father Stephanos on the Me Monk, Me meander blog features a discussion of the Niceno-Constaninopolitan Creed.

Tony Jones on the Theoblogy blog discusses the importance of patristics to an emergent/post-modern approach in which orthodoxy is an event, not a foundational set of propositions.

Carl Olsen on the Insight Scoop blog reports on Pope Benedict's references to Origen in his catchecetical lectures.

The cathedra unitatis blog features a discussion of and links to Orthodox vs 'Western' soteriology with particular reference to the Fathers.

Allen Thornburgh on The Point blog refers us to a quiz about whether we are a heretic (and don't know it.). I'm, happily, Chalcedon compliant. Yeah!

Kevin Edgecomb on biblicalia posts the locations for the relics of various Church Fathers.

Rick Brannon on the Pastoral Epistles blog continues his series on the use of the Pastoral Epistles in the Apostolic Fathers with St. Ignatius (Parts One and Two)

The Apocryphal Corner

The Current Era blog features an interview between Steven Colbert (aka St. Irenaeus?)and Elaine Pagels on the Gospel of Judas. . Doesn't that Gospel just show up in the weirdest places? Hat tip to Mike Aquilina et al.

April DeConick on the Forbidden Gospels blog features an article by Peter Head on the Gospel of Judas, some comments on the Colbert interview with Elaine Pagels, a plea for the release of the photographs of the Gospel of Judas, , discusses the influence of Irenaeus and pseudo-Tertullian on our understanding of the Gospel of Judas and posts a review of Andrew Bernard's book on the manuscripts of other Gospels.

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